Childhood immunisation schedule



2 months :  



6 in 1, PCV


4 months :  



6 in 1, Men C


6 months :



6 in 1, Men C,


12 months :





13 months :



Men C, Hib Booster


5 years :



4 in 1, MMR.


What is in these vaccines?


6 in 1; This vaccine is to protect against Diptheria, whooping cough, haemophilus influenza, polio, tetanus and hepatitis B.

Men C; This vaccine is to protect against for Meningococcal meningitis type C which can cause a serious form of meningitis.

MMR; This vaccine is to protect against Measles, mumps and rubella(German measles).

Hib Booster; This vaccine protects against Haemophilus influenza which can cause a dangerous respiratory infection in children.

PCV ; This protects against Pneumococcus which can cause both meningitis and respiratory infections in children

4 in 1; Protects as with the 5 in 1 without haemophillus influenza


Who will vaccinate my child?

Our practice nurse administers these vaccinations. It is preferential for us to give these vaccinations in the morning as we then have the opportunity to be available for the rest of the day should you have any concerns.



Your child is safe to have their vaccinations unless they have a high temperature or serious illness at the time.

If your child has a headcold, cough or runny nose they can have their vaccination .

The Practice nurse or doctor will examine for a fever and more serious illness prior to vaccination should you have any concern.


Should you have any questions regarding your child's vaccinations speak with your doctor or practice nurse or information is also readily available on

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