Pregnancy and maternity care

The mother and infant scheme provides an agreed programme of care for expectant mothers throughout your pregnancy and for your baby up to 6 weeks after delivery. This scheme is free of charge and includes between 6 and 7 visits during pregnancy and a two week check for your baby and a 6 week check for you and your baby.

You will be cared for jointly between the team at Owenabue Medical Centre and an obstetrician. This is called combined care and generally your visits will alternate (on a predetermined schedule) between your general practitioner and the obstetric service.

We will provide pregnancy care which is essentially a screening service to ensure that your pregnancy is progressing as expected. We also will manage any pregnancy related complicatins should they occur.

Your baby will be examined at 2 weeks and 6 weeks after delivery. This too is a screening service designed to ensure that your baby is developing normally  these visits also offer you an opportunity to discuss any queries you may have.