Vasectomy Surgery

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Owenabue Medical Centre offers a comprehensive range of family planning services including all forms of contraception. Our specific areas of expertise lie in the area of long acting reversible contraception techniques, namely intrauterine devices (IUDs). Our doctors are experiences inserters of these devices. In addition to this Dr Vivian Foley provides Local Anaesthetic Vasectomy which is a permanent and irreversible form of contraception.


If you wish to have a vasectomy performed, an appointment needs to be made for an assessment of the suitability of the candidate for local anaesthetic vasectomy. It is also necessary to counsel the patient on the nature and implications of the procedure. This appointment takes approximately 20 mins.

The Vasectomy Procedure

This is generally a safe and simple procedure. Local anaesthetic is injected under the skin at either side of the scrotum. This freezes the procedure area. It can be a little uncomfortable for about twenty seconds until the anaesthetic takes effect. A small cut is made either side of the tube (vas) which carries sperm from the testicles to the penis. A small portion of the tube is removed and the ends tied. In some cases, a small electrical needle is passed down the centre tube and seals off the flow of sperm. This causes no additional discomfort. A stitch closes the wound on each side

After the procedure

There will be some discomfort for the following 48 hours. Almost all patients get quite a lot of bruising and some swelling. Keeping the scrotum well supported for a few days afterward can reduce this. While the majority of patients would probably be able to return to work the following day, it would be more beneficial for your recovery if work was avoided for a day or two afterwards. The stitches will dissolve themselves. The area should be kept clean and dry. A bath with added salt can help.


The clinic will give you specimen containers after the procedure and explain to you what the follow up is. The specimens should be collected either by incomplete intercourse and withdrawal or by masturbation directly into the container. These should be checked at 20 and 24 weeks after the procedure. Two clear specimens are required. It is important to continue using contraception until we have informed you of the success of your vasectomy.

General exclusion criteria to having a vasectomy under local anaesthetic would be if you are significantly overweight, namely a BMI > 35, of if you are extremely needle phobic. Your own GP would be a good judge on your suitability to having a local anaesthetic vasectomy. Alternatively, Dr Vivian Foley can assess the patient himself and advise on the suitability or otherwise to a man undergoing local anaesthetic vasectomy.


For Frequently asked questions see our dedicated vasectomy website

Cost of the procedure:

Vasectomy operation €550

The total cost of €550 includes any visits that result thereafter in relation to the vasectomy procedure. It also includes the processing of the semen analysis samples that are necessary following the procedure